South Carolina’s ‘Earthquake Swarm’: State shook By 2 Of Its Strongest Quakes Since Years Wednesday

South Carolina was shaken Wednesday by several earthquakes, including the strongest in the “swarm” that rocked the state this year. According to the United States Geological Survey data, two quakes of unusual strength struck central South Carolina Wednesday. They were magnitude 3.5 (and magnitude 3.6 respectively). A magnitude 3.4 earthquake was also felt in the state over the weekend.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the quakes were the strongest to strike the state in many years. At least one of Wednesday’s tremors could be felt close to Charlotte, North Carolina. These swarms are more common in earthquake-prone regions, but less so in the South. Although it may not be helpful, knowing that this is normal can be very helpful.

The Latest Earthquake Hit Elgin, South Carolina

According to the data from the United States Geological Survey, the latest earthquakes occurred in Elgin, South Carolina. The state capital, Columbia is about 20 miles from the town. According to USGS reports, shaking from the magnitude 3.5 earthquake was felt 70 miles north, just across the state line close to Charlotte. South Carolina is home to several faults and is “one the most seismically active state on the East Coast,” according to the Emergency Management Division. It was a magnitude 7.3 earthquake, similar to the “Big One” that will soon devastate Southern California.

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