Google Pixel Buds Pro India Launch Set for July 28 2022

After creating quite a stir at the I/O 2022 conference, Google is gearing up for the launch of the new Pixel Buds Pro headphones in India. The upcoming launch of the headphones will be on July 28 in India. What’s more, the price of Google Pixel Buds Pro has been revealed, as well as the features of the device. We’ll also discuss the pricing and features of the headphones, such as active noise cancellation and transparency mode.


Pricing Of Google Pixel Buds Pro


The Google Pixel Buds Pro are premium earbuds that were unveiled at the Google I/O 2022 conference. The company has now announced that the new buds will go on sale in India on July 28. The Pixel Buds Pro is expected to compete with Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Apple AirPods Pro. Unlike the latter, they will offer active noise cancellation and dedicated transparency modes.

The Pixel Buds Pro offers seamless switching between Android devices and is equipped with a unique audio processor. They have a range of features including 11 hours of listening time with ANC enabled. Other notable features include beamforming microphones, a voice accelerometer, a wind-blocking case, and multipoint connectivity. They also have IPX4 certification and an IPX2 rating on the charging case.


Multipoint Connectivity


The first generation of the Pixel Buds Pro features active noise cancellation and ANC technology works in tandem to block out noise. ANC technology and built-in sensors help control volume, and the Pixel Buds Pro has a Volume EQ feature, which actively adjusts the volume to ensure a balanced sound experience. The Pixel Buds Pro are also IPX4-certified, making them waterproof. The multi-point connectivity feature allows you to seamlessly switch from one device to another without the need to go through Bluetooth settings.

The Pixel Buds Pro also features gesture-based controls, which are currently absent from the A-Series. These controls enable users to adjust the volume of music and other media without having to remove their phones from their ears. Multipoint connectivity also enables the Pixel Buds Pro to pair with two devices at the same time. The multipoint connectivity feature is expected to be available later in the year.


Active Noise Cancellation


The Pixel 6a and Google’s new wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds Pro, were both unveiled at the Google I/O conference this year. The Pixel Buds Pro follows the original pair of Google’s wireless earbuds that were first introduced in 2020. Pixel Buds Pro is set to debut in India on July 28, 2022. Google is also planning to launch the Pixel 6a 5G on the same day.

Developed in partnership with the Google Assistant, the Pixel Buds Pro feature active noise cancellation and a Silent Seal that can adjust to the shape of your ear canal. They also include features such as spatial audio, fast pair, transparent mode, voice accelerometer, wind-blocking mesh covers, and Volume EQ. The device will be sold with a branded carrying case. Google is also partnering with the popular headphones manufacturer Jabra to manufacture the new earbuds in India.


Transparency Mode


The Pixel Buds Pro is a pair of premium earbuds that are slated to launch in India on July 28, 2019. They were first unveiled at Google’s I/O 2022 event in May and feature a dedicated transparency mode and active noise cancellation. The earbuds will compete with Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Apple AirPods Pro in the market. If you’re looking for the best headphones for active noise cancellation, the Pixel Buds Pro is the way to go.

The new earbuds feature active noise cancellation and a silent seal to minimize noise and compensate for audio leakage. In addition to this, the new Pixel Buds Pro also features a transparency mode, which allows you to hear ambient noise, including traffic and people talking around you. The device will also come with wireless charging as a standard. And don’t forget that it’s an excellent investment for anyone who lives in an urban environment.


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