Is Wordle a Clone of Flappy Bird?

Have you ever heard of Wordle? This web-based word game was created by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle. Since 2022, The New York Times Company has owned the rights to the game. But why do I like it so much? Is it just a conversation starter? Or is it a clone of the real thing? Read on to find out! Here are some of the reasons to play Wordle. Once you start playing, you’ll wonder why you ever stopped before.

Wordle is a five-letter word game

In this five-letter word-guessing game, you’ll be given six chances to guess the correct 5-letter word. To improve your chances of success, try to include every vowel in your first guess. Try to include the most common consonants as well. If you’re unsure what to guess, try starting with “stone.” It will help you to find more clues. Wordle also has a “hard” mode that forces you to play the letter H where it’s located.

The rules of Wordle are simple.

  • You can get a score by guessing the correct word six times before the puzzle gets too difficult. You can use mathematical analysis to improve your chances of winning. The word you guess is then referred to as “the puzzle.”
  • A green box indicates that the player has correctly guessed a letter. A yellow or gray box means that the player made a wrong guess. In the game, there are also some letters you can’t guess but that is not compatible with Wordle. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make more mistakes than you did with Wordle, but this is not the case in Absurdle.

The app also has a voiceover feature that announces the color of each tile. This helps visually impaired users know which letter to tap. Another accessible Wordle game is the tactile magnetic version. Jessica used braille letter stickers and adhesive magnetic sheets cut into squares. She then used the braille symbols on the squares. This is accessible for all devices, including iPads. In addition, the iOS version of Wordle today is compatible with VoiceOver.

It’s a conversation starter

A simple word game that goes viral on social media, Wordle has gained immense popularity and is a great conversation starter. Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle, has made the game so popular that he’s even sold it to the New York Times. The game involves scribbling words on tiny colored tiles. Players then share their word creations on Twitter using the hashtag #Wordle. In 2022, Wordle’s popularity skyrocketed to the point that the New York Times has bought the company.

The goal of the game is to guess the secret five-letter word of the day. Players have six guesses and must choose the best one from the choices provided. When a player guesses the right word, the conversation usually turns to the best word for the day.

The game started as a closed-off game but now has become a conversation starter, friendship saver, and daily habit. Wordle is a simple logic game that challenges users to guess a five-letter word each day. It is not safe to use Wordle as a social media platform.

It’s free

If you’re on Twitter and you want to find a way to express yourself with pictures and text, you might have heard of Wordle, the trending game. It’s free to play, doesn’t require signup, and contains no ads. It’s pure fun! Let’s take a look at some of the cool things you can do with Wordle!

The game originally started as a love story, but quickly turned into a business for Wardle, a graphic designer and former reporter for the New York Times. Fortunately, the free version of Wordle will remain available to all players – new and old alike! You won’t have to worry about paying a monthly fee for this game, because it is now owned by The New York Times. You can even download Wordle and use it in your projects.

Another way to share Wordle is through email. You can send it to grandma or add it to your CV. You can even email it to someone who loves puzzles! If you don’t want to give away the answer, you can turn on ‘hard mode’ to make it harder to solve the word. Wordle is free, so why not share it with friends and family? It’s great fun for the entire family!

Wow Facts of Wordle

It’s been cloned

Apple has been ignoring blatant clones in the past, such as Flappy Bird. However, Wordle has been cloned more than once. Clones of the original Wordle website have been spotted on the App Store. While a developer’s name may not be protected, the app may have been marketed in the App Store to make it more popular. The App Store reviewers may not have noticed that a cloned version of Wordle existed at all.

While word games have been cloned for decades, the mobile market has given the practice new life. Two high-profile clones of Wordle have recently gone viral in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. These clones, known as “Unpacking” and “Wordle,” are the latest examples of app cloning. These clones are a testament to the difficulties of securing good ideas from copycats.

The new game also has some interesting rules. It allows for the use of numbers for droid-related reasons, and it has a Millennium Falcon-shaped delete button. However, it’s harder to beat than the original, due to the many cryptic answers. If you don’t mind a bit of hard work, there’s no harm in trying it out. You won’t regret it.

It’s simple

In case you’re looking for something simple to do on a weekend, try the online word game Wordle. Each time you play, the tiles change color to indicate how close you are to guess a word. Green, yellow, or gray tiles mean that a letter is in the correct place, while grey indicates that it’s not in the word. Playing Wordle is easy and fun, but you may want to take a break from the computer for a while.

Wordle is easy to play, doesn’t require any skill, and doesn’t take long to complete. You can even do it first thing in the morning or while waiting in traffic on your way to work.

Another big benefit of Wordle is its accessibility. It’s free to play in your web browser and doesn’t collect any data. The creators aren’t making any money off the game, but they do need to earn some money to cover their costs. The developer also said that Wordle isn’t monetized, and he doesn’t plan to charge money for it. The app is free to download, and the creators are not making any money off of it.

It’s simple to cheat

You can cheat on Wordle if you’re good at identifying the common English letters. If you’re looking to beat the game, there are several techniques you can use. The first strategy is to close all private tabs on your computer. Another is to use Safari or multiple devices. This way, you’ll avoid being caught if someone else is using the same device. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference, but in this case, you can use the script below to cheat on Wordle.

The cheat works in any browser and is available on both PCs and smart devices. It’s simple and doesn’t leave a trace on your computer. The first step is to open a new browser window in incognito mode. Next, open Wordle in this new window and enter the correct word on your first try. This trick works on every single site. The best part is that this method doesn’t require any root access or any other kind of technical knowledge.


To get the hack working on Wordle, you’ll need to bookmark the website. To do this, hit Ctrl+V or Cmd+V and paste the JavaScript code into your browser’s address bar. Then, just like in the desktop version, you can also share this bookmark on Twitter. Once you’ve done this, you’re all set to cheat on Wordle.

Although there may be several clones of Wordle today like Flappy Bird out in the market, the former is going to stay due to its originality and features loved by its user. So, what are you waiting for get set and start your word game on Wordle!

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