World Kidney Cancer Day 2022

The global health community has set the goal of eliminating kidney cancer as a public health problem by 2022, World Kidney Cancer Day. This ambitious target is based on the understanding that early detection and timely treatment offers the best chance for cure or long-term survival for patients with kidney cancer. To achieve this goal, we need to increase awareness of kidney cancer and its symptoms so that people can get diagnosed and treated earlier.




Prevention is the key to fighting cancer, and World Kidney Cancer Day is the day to get the word out about it. This campaign aims to reduce the stubborn knowledge gap among patients and promote education about kidney health. For example, the campaign will encourage people to show off their kidneys by posting pictures online and spreading the word about the importance of knowing the size of a kidney. Then, it will encourage people to share that knowledge online.


The global campaign includes six questions every patient should feel confident asking their doctor. World Kidney Cancer Day 2022 will also feature a landmark global webinar aimed at increasing public awareness of the disease. The webinar will also discuss various treatment options. The World Kidney Cancer Coalition hopes that World Kidney Cancer Day will inspire patients to talk with their oncologists about their treatment options. This way, they can make the right choice when it comes to their care.


EKHA President, Prof. Em. Raymond Vanholder, stresses the importance of kidney screening and early diagnosis for patients. He calls on governments to invest in early detection and transplantation for kidney patients. Organ donation is another life-saving initiative. It is crucial to remember that early detection can prevent kidney failure and save lives. The European Union is taking steps to address kidney disease. Its initiatives are important, but the day is not about shaming the kidney.


Early Diagnosis


The early symptoms of kidney cancer can include a lump in the abdomen, blood in the urine, sudden weight loss, and bone pain. Some people may not notice these symptoms and delay getting medical attention because they are too worried about the cost. While many cases of kidney cancer can be treated successfully with surgery and other treatments, the early symptoms are crucial in determining whether kidney cancer is indeed present. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should see your physician immediately.


There are a few tests available to diagnose kidney cancer. Urine tests, which check if there is any blood in the urine, can show if cancer has spread. An intravenous pyelogram involves an X-ray of the kidneys after dye injection. The dye highlights the appearance of kidney tumors in these images. Ultrasound is another screening option, which uses sound waves to create a picture of the kidneys. CT scans, on the other hand, use X-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the kidneys. A CT scan may require the use of a dye to detect cancerous growths.


The next step is to determine the stage and grade of kidney cancer. Stage M0 means that cancer has not spread, while stage M1 is the opposite. Grades range from one to four, depending on the extent of cancer. If you suspect you have kidney cancer, see your doctor right away. The earlier you get diagnosed, the better your chances of survival.




World Kidney Cancer Day 2022 is June 16th, and the goal is to raise awareness about kidney cancer. Also called renal cancer, kidney cancer is an aggressive type of cancer that usually presents no symptoms at its onset, and only shows symptoms once it has spread. However, when detected early, the disease has a better chance of being cured.


Targeted therapy. This treatment is focused on the cancer cells and minimizes damage to healthy cells. While not all tumors share the same molecular targets, new drugs are being developed that target these specific molecules. In addition, patients and caregivers can participate in an interactive webinar with experts on World Kidney Cancer Day 2022. Whether you’re a patient or a caregiver, you can participate in the discussion by registering for the Talking Treatments webinar.


Immunotherapy. This treatment is an advanced form of chemotherapy that uses your own immune system to combat cancer. This type of treatment helps your immune system target the cancer cells, and is an effective way to reduce the symptoms of kidney cancer. The main disadvantage of immunotherapy is that it is not a cure for kidney cancer, but it can help improve the effectiveness of systemic treatments.


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On World Kidney Cancer Day 2022, we will have reached our goal of eliminating kidney cancer as a public health problem. But we cannot do it alone! We need your help to spread the word about kidney cancer and its symptoms. Please share this post and help us raise awareness about this devastating disease.


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