Women Fashion For Summer 2020 Fashion Trend

Fashion helps us to decide what we need to wear and when. It’s just not a sense nowadays. It becomes a science with the passing of time. Every day of life fashion industry set some trend for women. Because women are more curious about their dresses. But not only women, but men also like to wear more attractive and expensive brands. You can say wearing an expensive suit is a hobby, activity and also I would like to say an industry.

The fashion industry is one of the leading and most successful industries in the world. According to the 2017 index, this industry has $2.4 trillion net worth and produces 5.5% annually. From teenagers to adults from children to elders nowadays are curious about fashion. Fashion is in this world from ancient times but properly as an industry, it emerged in this world in the 19th century with Charles Frederick Worth who, beginning in 1858, was the first designer to have his label sewn into the garments he created. In the beginning, fashion designing was only defined as the art of creating fashion apparel; but over time it extended to other things like fashion accessories such as jewelry, bags, footwear, etc.


Career In Fashion Industry


As a career, in the present era fashion designing is considered to be one of the most successful careers. A number of good institutes provide courses for fashion designing. It is a rising career in the future. With time and changing thoughts of people, the way of wearing and maintaining has changed a lot. If we see Elizabethan age, the women preferred to wear gowns and dresses which were large and men liked to wear more formal dresses with wigs as well. Fashion changed a lot from that period to this period.


Why Fashion Become an Industry?


The basic goal of Fashion is to give sense to Humans. It tells us about how to look good and how to maintain oneself. In the present time, the sense of fashion is a big thing because fashion has penetrated into every part of our life. We have to care for our fashion in our everyday life for each purpose.

If we see our daily life, we have to decide what we have to wear for college, or for work or at home, etc. We are so possessed with Fashion that we get curious about how are we looking and raises questions in our minds.

The important thing about fashion is that people do fashion according to their culture and beliefs. Leading trends are so important as well but culture is considered to be the highest criterion of fashion. People do fashion according to their needs and get the appreciation that makes them feel good and confident.


Importance Of Fashion in Daily Life


Fashion provides confidence to oneself. The question is how? When one person wears a dress that looks good and different it makes the reason for pride and confidence for him. Dressing according to the occasion with full confidence makes you the one person to be noticed and get appreciation. In almost every society there are two types of fashions which are elite fashion and everyday fashion. Everyday fashion is common dressing and changing trends with the needs and trends of people on a daily basis. People change their Daily Fashion According to weather, needs, and trends as well.

On the other hand, Elite fashion is much more complicated and valued. Elite fashion comes directly from the industry of the main business in the environment. It includes expensive and more stylish clothing that follows the leading trends not only of the specific country but the world.


Most Trending Fashion Brands Among Women


If we talk about the fashion world then it comes to brands and styles. The most famous and demanded brands nowadays are Stone Island, Fendi, Versace, Prada, Valentino, Balenciaga, Off-white, and Gucci. These names are the leading names in the world of fashion. These provide not only clothing apparel but also accessories such as jewelry, handbags, etc.


Men Fashion Trend is Stone Island


Stone Island is an Italian men’s apparel brand from Ravarino. This fashion brand is considered one of the best-performing fashion brands among people that are always on top trend due to its different styles. It is an Italian men’s wear brand beloved by football hooligans, though it has also become a bigger label after being worn by pop stars. It is part of the casual culture but it is expensive.


Women Fashion Trend List




In the Fashion trend list, Fendi is popular in men and women equally. This is an Italian luxury fashion house. It produces fur, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, eyewear, timepieces, and accessories. This fashion house was founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome. Fendi is considered to be better than Gucci. They are both good but the apparel of Fendi is nearer to modern fashion than Gucci. Fendi is the most expensive brand with its own class which can afford to buy it.




Living in Italy you can wear a lot of Fashion Brands because it is always on the top to introduce a new fashion trend that is liked by men and women. But nowadays, not only available in Itlay but around the world. Here we go on Versace. This is also another Italian luxury fashion company founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. It makes upmarket Italian made ready to wear and leather accessories.

It is a wealthy, luxurious, and well-known brand. The most expensive women’s Versace shirt on the market today is this Embellished Medusa-Head T-Shirt with a luxury price tag of $925.

It has many social media followers that make it an influential brand on social media.




Same as above we were talking about the fashion industry that creates the trend for men and women mostly are Italian brands. No matter whether it is handbags or clothes, perfumes, or other fashion accessories for women they belong to Itlay.

Prada is another Italian luxurious brand. Its specialties are handbags, travel accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear, perfumes, and other fashion accessories. Prada handbags are costly and expensive. Basically, it is the rise of accessories that makes it the luxury brand online. Prada, Gucci, and LV are considered side by side but Prada is more expensive than Gucci and LV. Prada does go on sale but usually only their seasonal bags and colors.




One again is Italy, and this time is Valentino. Valentino Garavani was the founder of this brand. This is a luxury brand that is renowned for its red dresses. Its red shade is named Valentino Red. It is a part of the Valentino fashion group. Its headquarters are in Milan. Its main work is on craftsmanship, luxury, and feminine beauty. Valentino is a high and expensive brand that makes the quality of things instead of quantity.




Now this time in Spain. Side by side both countries are the founder of the fashion industry and more harmful countries of the world. Balenciaga is another famous fashion brand. Cristóbal Balenciaga was the owner of this brand. The new owner of this brand is a French multinational company Kering.

The most expensive are the shoes of this brand not only due to the good quality of material but also because of its name and celebrities love to wear it. Balenciaga always introduces a new trend of women’s fashion dresses in different and unique shapes.


Off White


Beating many big brands including Gucci and Balenciaga, Off-White is another brand of clothing that earned its name. It has the hottest products. Off-White is a huge brand that has earned its reputation through its products directly. Off-White is one of the most popular brands in the world.


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Gucci is another brand in the fashion world founded in Italy by Guccio Gucci. It is one of the oldest Italian fashion brands in today’s world. It is most famous for handbags and leather goods. In 2015 Gucci had a $12.4 b net worth value and at number 38 with respect to popularity. Gucci is so expensive brand because of the beauty of the designs and material of the products. Gucci is an international brand with a high resale value of things. It is worth buying a brand.


Gucci Fashion Show 2020…!


There are so many fashion brands in the world that are good and worth buying. People have their own taste and culture to choose their formal or casual dressing. So, the Fashion industry is the largest industry in the world and always provides the best for looking best and wearing best for men and women, also set the trend in the fashion world.

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