Best Moana Necklace Toys R Us?

What Does the Moana Necklace in the Moana Disney Movie Mean?


Even if you do not have any kids, it might be tough for you to miss out on the simple cultural phenomenon that took place when the movie Disney’s Moana necklace toys r us came out in 2016.

The whole movie was an incredible smash hit, and it was also introduced to a lot of people in aspects of different Polynesian cultures. When thinking about the Moana magical necklace, there are a lot of Polynesian symbols in the movie relating to the film, one of them is the Moana necklace Toys R Us. Even people that are not living in Hawaii would love to know more about this Moana magical necklace!


Here we have some different things that you might not have known about the Moana necklace toy, but these are interesting aspects:



History of the Moana Necklace Toys R Us


The Maui necklace has a whole set of different whale teeth in it and it also proves to be a rather interesting decoration. There are two necklaces in the movie, one is the Te Fiti necklace, but now we are looking at Mauri’s whale tooth necklace origin. We will be looking at the real Moana necklace later.

It is a part of Polynesian history, and the people that lived in Fiji had whale teeth ornaments that we call the table, which we will link them together to create a necklace, called the Sisi necklace. Most people who wear them are of high status, as the village chief. It then led to the legend of the Moana necklace Disney store.

While things might seem different on the outside, this special whale tooth necklace is a neck accessory created by a whale tooth carved right into a hook shape. Village chiefs will adorn this necklace, and it is considered a valuable object.



Relations to Whales


A lot of different cultures have a strong connection to whales. A lot of Hawaiian and Maori mythology believed that whales are sacred, and special descendants are the gods of the sea, and they are also spiritual protectors. The whole history leads to the story of the Moana necklace toy, which we will share later.

There is also a Maori proverb that states that to obtain a whale’s tooth, you must have been able to get a whale’s jaw to wield it. As whales are held in high regard, you can see why teeth are highly valued. The Moana necklace Disney store is a hot item on the market especially after the movie was produced.

With the whole historical and cultural background that you bear in mind, you might not similarly think of Maui’s necklace. It is a nice way that reinforces the statement on how high his status was.



Which Moana Te Fiti Necklaces are the Best?


Disney’s “Moana” is another dramatic story of a young teenager that goes on a sea adventure. It leads us to the story of the real Moana necklace. The heroine of the Moana movie wants to prove herself as a Wayfinder and become a savior of their people.

The Moana light-up necklace proves to be a rather important gem in the film, and it contains the heart of Te Fiti and the overall spirit of Moana’s society. Many of these artists have remade these pendants inspired by Moana’s necklace. It captures the likeness of the pendant with a good handcraft piece.



What Do You Need to Know Before Buying A Moana Necklace


Although the Moana movie belongs to Disney, many sellers of the Te Fiti heart pendant are not linked with the whole franchise. The Moana light-up necklace and the artistry of the necklace have many small pieces that suit young children.

Many Disney and other sellers will try to incorporate smaller pieces of beads into the necklaces that can choke young kids if they put on the Moana necklace. If you are trying to recreate a Moana costume, make sure that your kid’s whole outfit or other pieces of clothing can be bought as a whole set.



Original Merchandise


There are many other types of Moana-style necklaces floating about on eCommerce platforms. A lot of these products are originally from the Disney Store itself. Although Disney has also released a lot of other versions of the Te Fiti necklace, many people have tried to come up with different types of necklaces.



Small Pieces of Merchandise


Moana’s necklace also features pearls and other smaller pieces. Some necklace designs are also operated with batteries with parts where you can open and close, and it is not safe for young kids. The recommended age limit is 6 and above.



Costume Set Pieces


If the whole Moana costume works, separately getting the whole necklace might be needed. Double-check if the costume is a necklace and see if you can use it before purchasing to prevent duplicated goods.



What to Search For in A Good Moana Necklace


A high-quality Moana necklace has different features relating to the necklace from the movie itself. It should be able to reveal what the heart of Te Fiti is about and then light up. The whole stone is also bigger than an ordinary pendant, filling most of the hand when you hold it in your palm.



Different Features


Moana’s necklace should be open to feature smaller greenstone, which they call the heart of Te Fiti. Necklaces are created to open and close, and they can function properly. The features are similar to the movie counterpart as well. Using plastic clasps and different magnets, you can carry out this feature.



Necklace Lights


The Moana necklace has a soft green glowing light right from the pendant’s heart. Te Fiti created the life and the islands of the different people of Maoan and the different spiritual qualities of people represented by a stone that can do the same thing. Some of the necklaces also light up many bulbs, while other Moana necklaces can also glow in the dark.



Size of Pendant


If the whole intention is to find a proper necklace exactly like the one in the movie, most of the pendants have been recreated to meet the necklace requirements.


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Final Verdict


Have you decided on which Moana pendant you want to buy? Pick the right one for a birthday gift for your kid today!

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