Disney NFTs Are Non-Fungible Token

While it’s no surprise that Disney has joined the NFT craze, the company is not one of the first to do so. It has recently announced partnerships with a variety of companies that are using NFTs as a way to distribute their content. 

They Are Digital Collectible

For fans of Marvel and Disney movies, Disney NFT is a great way to collect them. These digital collectibles feature iconic characters from the Marvel and Disney universes. These figures are created in emoji-style digital art and feature exclusive rarity traits. Disney NFTs are categorized by the characters they depict.  

They Are Sold Exclusively On The VeVe App

Those who want to start a collection of their favorite Disney characters will find many options for collecting the NFTs. There is a new Disney NFT collection that was released in celebration of Disney Plus Day! It features such iconic characters as Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, WALL-E, and even a skateboard.