Omegle is among the most popular free chat rooms, but it has one important flaw: it logs chats. After you disconnect, Omegle stores the time and IP address of the person you just chatted with. This information is collected for 120 days to help the company fight prank calls and other forms of online harassment.

Meet Skip

If you are looking for a free chat room that lets you chat anonymously with strangers, you should consider Meet Skip. This app matches you with strangers based on where you live and offers a variety of features to make your online experience even more entertaining. You can share pictures and videos with random strangers and chat with them anonymously. 

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Chatzy is an online platform for users to create their own private chat rooms, invite friends, and text random strangers. Unlike other popular chatrooms, this app is free and doesn’t require any installation. You can sign up using a valid email address or connect with your Facebook, Google+, or Microsoft account. Moreover, the service allows you to create private chat rooms for specific topics.