Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Social Media Sites are everywhere these days and with good reason. The internet is fast becoming the new way for people to connect to each other. We want to connect with those around us, we want to share information with our friends and family, and we also want to connect with everyone else in this big wide world of ours. You can start connecting with new people and building your social media network today by going to any of the websites listed below:




a social networking site is a great place to share your life’s adventures, or just chat with your old friends. Facebook, Incorporated is an American online technology giant based in Menlo Park, California. It was started by Mark Zuckerberg. His four other roommates and college students at Harvard University. Who was trying to figure out how they could make the site more interesting and successful. He then started to build Facebook with the goal of building something that would let people “stay connected” and “connect” with others.




Myspace is one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. According to the Myspace site, over six million people currently use the site to share information about themselves. Google purchased the then-fled Myspace for an undisclosed sum. It was one of the first social networking websites to adopt a no-cost model. Which meant that users did not have to pay anything to join.




Twitter is a microblogging platform that enables you to send and receive brief instant messages called ‘tweets’. It can be up to 140 words long and may contain links to other web pages and resources. It was initially developed as a way for college students to communicate; however, it has evolved into a popular micro-blogging platform where business people, celebrities, brands, and other influencers use it to share information and communicate with their followers. The latest version of Twitter Twhirl has many new features that enable users to upload videos, images, and sound files, as well as join social networks.




Linkedin is an invaluable resource for business and career-minded professionals to network; access professional-specific information and support; and develop lasting professional relationships. It is perfect for freelancers, home-based professionals, and other independent workers. Since it enables them to build their online business and career, and stay connected with the rest of the world. LinkedIn’s free tools for marketers, consultants, and entrepreneurs make it easy to research and participate in networking activities; post valuable links and information; and connect with important people in your industry.




Instagram is a free, web-based photo-sharing web application and social media network site that was acquired by Facebook. Since then, it has become popular among teens and grown-ups alike. Instagram lets users upload and edit pictures and short videos via a mobile app. Users can also add a caption to every one of their pictures and use hashtags and geo-tags to search these pictures and make them available to other users in the app.




Friendster has been a leading social networking service provider in the United States, based out of Mountain View, California, and operated by Jonathan Abrams. Later on, the company was a social bookmarking website based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well. At present, it is primarily focused on the United States market. The company provides a very simple-to-use interface, an extensive set of community features, and a wide range of search tools, mostly focusing on video and music sharing.




Hi5 is an American social network service similar to Twitter or Facebook. It is owned by The Meat Group, a social networking group that conducts business around the globe and organizes events for business and pleasure. The Hi5 platform allows its users to create personal profiles and share text, photos, and videos and provides an array of features that can be used on the website or through mobile applications.




Habbo is an international social network designed specifically for young adults and teenagers? It is operated and owned by Sulake. A Finnish business. Habbo now has hundreds of users in over 150 countries worldwide. Through the Habbo website users can create their own profile and interact with other members from various countries; participate in community discussions; send messages and share files; as well as communicate with other Habbo users who may be located all over the world.




Ning is an internet-based social networking site for individuals and organizations to develop custom web networks. There had been more than 90,000 websites running on the Ning platform. The website uses a simple PHP framework to allow for fast and easy application development and also offers high scalability as well as low-cost provisioning and hosting.




Flixster has been an American online social-networks movie site focusing on discovering new releases, watching movies, and connecting with others with similar interests in movies. The website allowed visitors to watch video trailers and learn about upcoming and new movies at the local box office. This service was available to users prior to the launch of Google Video, but only to a limited extent. It is now also available on the Apple Store, which makes it easier for customers who would not ordinarily have considered this technology appealing. Flixster gives the best opportunities for movie buffs to discover new entertainment options.




Tagged is an online social discovery site based in San Francisco, California. It allows members to search the profiles of others. Share virtual gifts and tags, and even view the photos tagged by others. Tagged boasts it has 30 million members as of today.




Orkut is a social network service operated and owned by Google in the early years. The service was initially designed to help surfers meet old and new friends and keep existing relationships online. The site was named after its original creator. Google engineer Orkut Büyükken. It was later used as a part of Google’s core business model. As its popularity increased, Google launched Orkut+ and Orkut Pro, a paid service that added extra value to Orkut.




A lot of people are starting to see the potential of a blog as a successful Internet marketing strategy – Tumblr comes to mind. Tumblr posts can go viral within a matter of minutes, easily spreading across the rest of the social networking web.

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