How To Get Better At Catching Football

Football is a game where passion can be seen in both the players and fans. The enthusiasm can be seen in homes around the world, at the stadium, and on the pitch during the match day.

While we talk about football, one of the most prominent points to be noted is the football catch. To be skilled at appropriately catching a football comes after some hard work. Body positioning, and hand alignment, play an important role in getting the first touchdown.


Epic Catches in Football


Winning and losing are just part of the game. Football catches make history and fans cherish those crazy catch moments for a lifetime. Two such crazy football catches were made by:


Chris Moore, 1993


Chris Moore, an American football wide receiver, made the best catch in 1993, debatably, even now considered the best catch.


Antonio Freeman, 2000


For quite a while, numerous football fans considered this catch by Antonio Freeman to be the best catch ever – or if nothing else perhaps the most astonishing one.

As we’ve seen that catches can be a game-changer factor in a football match. Let’s, have a peek at football catching techniques and how to get better at it.

Effective Football Catching Techniques


To make your football catching drills more powerful and your getting practice more productive, make a point to follow these tips:


  • Keep your eyes ready. Concentrate on the ball and lock your spot. This will immensely assist you with watching the ball’s direction and getting it.


  • Play with fingers. Fingers are used in catching a football, not the palm. Your fingers ought to be the first means of contact while catching the ball.


  • Diamond shape. While getting the ball, make sure to make a diamond shape with your fingers by keeping the tips of your thumbs and forefingers together. The football should smoothly pass through the diamond shape finger position when you catch it.


  • Wrists and fingers relaxed. Loosen up your fingers, and the fingers bent to lessen the possibility of the ball slipping out of your hands.


  • Arms bent, hands far from the body. You should stretch your body to reach for the ball to efficiently catch it – if not, the defense may obstruct the catch. Besides that, getting your hands far from the body will permit you to counter the football’s blow after catching it.


  • Squeeze and hold. Squeeze your fingers once you get the ball. To hold the football safely, you should squeeze it with your hands as hard as possible.


Practice Solo Drills for Improving Your Catching Ability


The following are a couple of ideas for rehearsing your ball handling and catching skills.


Ball Throws


This is the least complex drill – the main thing you have to do is to toss the ball a few feet high up and catch it as it descends.


Ball Juggling


Shuffling is extremely difficult; it will work on your speed and dexterity.

To start with, juggle with 2 footballs. With more practice, you will soon find it easy to handle two footballs and can add more football to make it more challenging.

The Flip Drill


In this drill, only your fingers are to be used. This drill can be quite challenging on finger strength, however, that is truly important because footballs are caught with fingers, not with palms.

Make a point to substitute your hands to uniformly cultivate both sides.

The Dribble Drill


The dribble drill is done as follows:


  • Hold the ball with an overhand clench


  • Let go of the football


  • Hold overhand hold before it hits the ground.


In case, you face difficulty with this drill, you might hold your other hand underneath the ball to get it. This will permit you to save time running after a missed ball.


Back Drops


Back-drops are carried out this way:


  • Hold the football behind the head with both hands


  • Release the ball


  • Quickly move your hands behind your back to catch the ball before it hits the ground


You might improve this drill by a spin around to get the ball. You may likewise attempt to get the ball with just a single hand.


Back Clap Catches


To perform this drill, do the following:


  • Hold the football in before you


  • Let go of the football


  • Immediately move your hands behind your back to get the ball before it hits the ground


In case, you are battling with this drill, you might clap at the front instead of behind the back. Furthermore, to make the drill more challenging, you might attempt to catch the ball with one hand.


Ball Squeezes


This one is easy – hold the ball before you with two hands and squeeze it as hard as possible. Squeezing the ball permits you to work on retaining the ball after making the catch.

To make this practice tougher, you might double the interval of each set. Then again, squeeze the ball with only one hand.

Ball Finger Balance


In the final drill, you got to adjust the ball on your forefinger. Practice the drill with both hands. When you ace balancing with your forefinger, you might attempt different fingers to have a better football catch.


Restrictions of Solo Drill


Solo training for catching a football has some restrictions:


  • This will allow improving your communication with other team players


  • Also, you won’t be able to progress or understand the attention to the place of your teammates and rivals


  • There are multiple more drills in group catching than solo drills


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You can surely, further develop your ball catching capabilities with some home practice. However, the majority of your work should be done on the field with your partners to get better at catching a football.


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