iPhone Giveaways- Time to Win iPhone 11 Free at the End of This Month

You have money- You can buy iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro. But when someone gives you a smartphone then why you are going to buy a new iPhone on your own money. A chance where you can win the iPhone 11 free of cost is too much rare. Yes, But when someone said that you can win this smartphone then believe in that person. Because there are too many companies who work for advertising and they announce some kind of attractive gifts for their customers.

Amazon, Walmart, and Google and even sometimes Apple.inc give itself for promotion.

Is this scam? No. This is not a scam. And think about it once that how it will be a scam when they never ask you to pay money. Not in the beginning or at the start of the application or at that time when you won your prize.

They never ask you to pay $999 that you win this iPhone and Now, you need to pay this amount, and then you will get iPhone 11 free.


iPhone 11 is a smartphone which is used most of the time for promotion purpose.

Why Only iPhone 11 Available for Gif.

iPhone 11 is the most popular model of apple who set up a new trend in the market. He is the most selling phone and 2nd best model of apple just after 4 months of his releasing date.

Just in 2019 iPhone 11 is known as the best-selling model of around the world. Never before this kind of popularity among the people about any smartphone.

Usually, iPhone 6 was available for promos and Giveaways.

How I Can Win iPhone 11 Free;

iPhone 11 is a smartphone which most likely by users in 2019. This is the only iPhone that breaks the records in the market for 4 months of 12019. While it has only 4 months in the market. 

There are some forms where you can apply by click on the below texts. Note! this is not worldwide offered because we have limited countries and limited time for this contest. 

Just limited countries are able to apply for the iPhone 11 winning contest for free. Check Below if you are living in these countries then Apply Now. 

iPhone Contest For Germany;

Click Here


iPhone Contest for the United State of America;


Click Here

iPhone Contest for Australia;



 Click Here

iphone 11

iPhone Contest for Singapore;

Click Here


iPhone specification: 

  • It comes with a dual rear camera setup with a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view
  • It has a 12-megapixel camera
  • It’s IP68 rated for water and dust resistance
  • It has 4K 60fps support as well
  • With a new feature called QuickTake that lets you record a video without while you are taking a photo, without breaking stride, it’s a steal deal for the price
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  • It’s also equipped with a Night mode for photographers to make the most of their pictures in low light
  • It has the highly touted A13 Bionic chip which is believed to be the fastest CPU and GPU that a smartphone has ever got, as per Apple’s claims


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How to participate in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway?

Follow the below mentioned Terms & Conditions to increase your odds of winning one of these new iPhones!

  • Click at the widget and enter your details
  • Subscribe Knowledge World for a bonus winning entry
  • You can earn additional entries by subscribing our YouTube channel and following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

iphone 11 win free

How will the winners be informed?

  • We will announce the winners on our social media channels on the 10th of the next month
  • We will also inform the winners through email
  • Keep on checking our social media handles for more information on the Giveaway winners

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Apple has gone big with its newly released devices. And why not? After all, most of the eyes are always on iPhones. So, if you are a fan of the iPhone too (well, who isn’t?) then this giveaway is all you need to try your luck. And who knows, these phones might just be waiting for you!




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