Five Streamable Action Films Right Now

In the fast-paced world of streaming services, action film enthusiasts are always on the lookout for thrilling and adrenaline-pumping movies to satiate their craving for intense on-screen experiences. Fortunately, the digital era has made it easier than ever to access a plethora of action-packed films at the touch of a button. If you’re in the mood for heart-pounding sequences, jaw-dropping stunts, and gripping storylines, here are five must-watch action films that you can stream right now.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Set in a dystopian future where water and gasoline are scarce commodities, “Mad Max: Fury Road” is a relentless, high-octane thrill ride that has earned its place among the greatest action films of the decade. Directed by George Miller, this film boasts breathtaking practical effects, jaw-dropping stunts, and a relentless pace that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Charlize Theron’s fierce performance as Imperator Furiosa adds depth to the film’s intense action sequences.


Streaming on: Various platforms, including Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.


John Wick (2014)

Keanu Reeves delivers a career-defining performance as the titular character in “John Wick.” This action-packed film follows the retired hitman as he seeks vengeance for the death of his beloved dog. Known for its slick choreography, stylish cinematography, and a compelling blend of gun-fu and martial arts, “John Wick” has become a modern action classic. The film’s success has even spawned a franchise, with each installment raising the bar for adrenaline-fueled action.


Streaming on: Available on Netflix and HBO Max.


Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

The sixth installment in the long-running “Mission: Impossible” franchise, “Fallout,” directed by Christopher McQuarrie, takes the spy genre to new heights. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt, delivering jaw-dropping stunts, including a high-altitude skydiving sequence and a thrilling helicopter chase. With a gripping plot, a stellar ensemble cast, and impeccable action choreography, “Fallout” proves that the “Mission: Impossible” series is showing no signs of slowing down.


Streaming on: Currently available on Paramount+.


The Raid: Redemption (2011)

For fans of martial arts and intense hand-to-hand combat, “The Raid: Redemption” is a must-watch. Directed by Gareth Evans, this Indonesian action film follows a SWAT team as they attempt to take down a ruthless crime lord in a high-rise apartment building. What sets “The Raid” apart is its relentless and brutal fight sequences, showcasing the traditional Indonesian martial art Pencak Silat. The film’s tight pacing and unrelenting action make it a standout in the genre.


Streaming on: Can be found on Amazon Prime Video.


Baby Driver (2017)

Directed by Edgar Wright, “Baby Driver” is a unique action film that seamlessly blends thrilling car chases with a killer soundtrack. Ansel Elgort stars as Baby, a young and talented getaway driver who constantly listens to music to drown out his tinnitus. The film’s expertly choreographed action sequences, set to a meticulously curated soundtrack, create a sensory experience that is both exhilarating and immersive. With a stellar supporting cast, including Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, “Baby Driver” is a stylish and inventive addition to the action genre.

Streaming on: Available on Netflix.



These five streamable action films offer a diverse range of intense experiences, from dystopian landscapes to high-stakes spy missions and martial arts showdowns. Whether you’re a fan of explosive set pieces, intricate choreography, or gripping storylines, these films are guaranteed to satisfy your craving for adrenaline-pumping action. So, grab some popcorn, buckle up, and get ready for a cinematic journey filled with heart-stopping moments and edge-of-your-seat excitement.

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