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Sometimes, the best things to do for your boyfriend are not going to be those things that you expect him to do. We have all had a boyfriend who is a little uptight and who puts you off with all the standard dating advice. So why not take a different track and make the first move by trying a new approach? Read on to find out some of the cute things to do for your boyfriend!


Being his best friend – it’s a great idea to take your guy out for a meal every now and again. If he doesn’t have a strong friendship with other people, he may be a little worried about commitment and this can make him a little gloomy. He may feel like he has lost a few friends to his current girlfriend so it is a good idea to help him find new friends to make him feel a bit happier about the future.


Best Things That you Can Do for your



Have a new challenge for him. Put him in some exciting new situations and let him feel that his friends can have fun as well. Try to do something different every time. So he won’t get bored with the same routine. Even if he has a particular thing he is interested in doing, like eating, have him go a little further than usual. Make it a bit more adventurous so he will be feeling a bit braver about trying it.


Create a family bond:


This is great for showing him that you care about him. What is it that you do for a living and why does that matter to him? Try to explain how having family values is important to him and that it is important to have a nice home as well.


Helps to Decide Right Decision about You:


Introduce him to his partner.


Once you have proven that you are a good partner to him, you may want to take him out for a nice dinner to congratulate him on getting a new girlfriend. This is the perfect way to show your boyfriend that his life is worth living and that it doesn’t end when he gets married. Don’t forget to give him some flowers for his birthday! It is also a nice way to say thanks for taking such good care of him.


Play some music together:


this can be a really fun thing to do for your boyfriend. Take him out to a jazz club or some other music venue and introduce him to some new music. This can make for a really pleasant and romantic evening.


Find some mutual interests:


Do you both enjoy walking, going for walks, or hiking? These are great things to do for your boyfriend if he is still single. You may even get him to think about marriage by offering to go for a walk with him so he can get some exercise.


Gift him with gifts:


Gifts are great to do for your boyfriend. You might think that it would be embarrassing to give him an extravagant gift. No, he will be delighted. You just need to figure out what his personality is and then choose a gift accordingly.


There are some things that can really impress him and make him feel like he has been left out and not given any extra special gifts. So start with a simple gift and then build up from there.


How to Get Him to Say Yes!


If you think that he is going to say no to you, then it’s time to get creative. Try to get him out on a date with another girl so he can get a little comfortable with you. Then bring it up to a surprise date where you and he will meet without warning.


Random gift:


Make it fun and get him a present that he has never heard of before. This can be a sexy present or a completely unknown item that he will love. And make sure that you keep the present safe and that he knows where it is so that he can put it away.


Plan it All Out:


when you are talking to him and writing out what you want him to do for you, keep everything clear so that he can understand what you are saying. and make sure that you don’t rush him into anything. that he may regret later on down the line.


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