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ClownPierce began his career as a PvP player on public server AJTHEBOLD. He joined in on many events and eventually became known for his gaming YouTube videos. ClownPierce started making PvP videos on Lifesteal SMP on August 9, 2021. He then moved on to join Money and TeamSeas SMPs. Other notable members of the ClownPierce community include DPG_Draws, the first twitch moderator, Plam (who created the first animatic for ClownPierce), and LuciusDracov, who developed a semi-famous Star Wars plugin.




A Dutch YouTuber and live streamer, ClownPierce has established himself as one of the best Minecraft PvP players. He is a member of the Lifesteal SMP server, which allows players to steal hearts from each other. He streams on Twitch semi-regularly, uploads to YouTube once or twice a month, and plays Elden Ring on occasion. However, his career path is quite a bit different than most Minecraft players.


After he lost his heart to the ClownPierce, Branzy must find a way to get it back. In the meantime, he works idle jobs in the Underground, an undercover network of assassins and mercs. Although he is highly coveted, he is powerless, so he must find another way to break even. In this article, we will explore some of the players who helped ClownPierce along his way.


Birth Chart


The Birth chart of ClownPierce shows ClownPierce’s planetary placements at birth. This is also known as the natal chart. The ClownPierce birth chart requires certain details, including the time and place of birth. Other details are needed to calculate the ClownPierce birth chart, such as the house and rising sign. The house and rising sign are important for understanding the traits associated with the ClownPierce personality.


ClownPierce is a Dutch gamer and streamer who is widely known for his high-quality Minecraft gameplay. He is a member of the LifeSteal SMP server, where players can steal hearts. ClownPierce is currently dating PaigeThePigeon, a YouTube personality with over three hundred thousand subscribers. ClownPierce is also active on Twitch and uploads his game-streaming videos there. While his Twitch ID is not verified, his YouTube account is still accessible to fans.


Monthly Earnings


A YouTube personality known as Clownpierce also known as Jester Killjoy Penetrate is a very popular YouTuber. He is considered one of the most talented Minecraft players. His real name is Jester Kilijoy Penetrate and he has a relationship with PaigeThePigeon. As of writing, Clownpierce has over 367K subscribers. His Twitch account is not authenticated and verified, so you’ll have to take his word for it.


A Dutch gamer, ClownPierce first gained fame as a streamer on public server AJTHEBOLD and took part in many events. In August 2021, he began making PvP videos on the Lifesteal SMP server, a multiplayer server that lets you steal other players’ hearts. He also streams his videos on Twitch and YouTube semi-regularly. He also plays Elden Ring on occasion.




ClownPierce started playing on the public server AJTHEBOLD in August 2021 and soon became a popular gaming YouTuber. He first made PvP videos on Lifesteal SMP on August 9th of the same year. Later he joined Money and TeamSeas SMPs. Some of his most popular mentors are DPG_Draws (the official artist and podcast host), Plam (creator of the first ClownPierce animatic), and LuciusDracov, developer of the semi-famous Star Wars plugin.


Career Path


Despite having the same name, ClownPierce is not your typical Minecraft character. He started out playing the public server AJTHEBOLD, where he participated in many events, and then later became known as a gaming YouTuber. In August 2021, he began making PvP videos on Lifesteal SMP and later joined the Money SMP and TeamSeas SMP. There are many other notable characters associated with ClownPierce, including DPG_Draws, a podcast host, and his official artist, ParkorIsPirate. Other notable players include Zakaria, a Redstone YouTuber and the creator of the famous “Pirate” video series, and Gurkimo, a texture pack developer who once played the game UNO with his grandmother.

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ClownPierce began playing MC on the public server AJTHEBOLD, where he played as a member of the “Raising” clan. He took part in various events and soon became a gaming YouTuber. He later joined the TeamSeas SMP, and later on, joined the Money SMP. His team includes DPG_Draws, the official artist and podcast host. Another notable member of his team is Plam, a texture pack creator and podcast host. He once played UNO with his grandmother. He often uses sticks in Minecraft.


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